Legacy Lecture Recording System Decommission

September 2018February 2019

What is happening?

The legacy lecture recording system (Echo360 on Premise) was decommissioned on the 16 December 2018 as our licence provision for this system expired at this time. This system has already been replaced by Echo360 ALP (cloud-based system) in November 2017. For additional information on this project, please refer to the Lecture Recording Enhancement project page.

Will I be able to retain legacy recordings?

Yes, you will need to download lecture recordings made prior to December 2017 to keep or upload to the new lecture recording system ECHO360 ALP. For step-by-step instructions refer to the guide Downloading Old Recordings to your current Lecture Recordings.

Note, if you require a copy of dual recording you will need to log a job with the UQ Staff eLearning Helpdesk at help@learn.uq.edu.au before 3 December 2018.

How will the Decommission of the Legacy Lecture Recording System be Communicated?