eLearning Website Migration

September 2017April 2018

The eLearning Website was migrated to UQ Drupal Standard in January 2018. The site design was updated to have a consistent "look and feel" to other UQ sites.

To ensure the new site was available in time for start of Semester 1 2018 communications, only core content was initially migrated. Infrequently used tool guides will be gradually added to the new site between late January 2018 and April 2018.

The eLearning website is maintained by the eLearning System and Support team. The site provides teaching and learning staff with advice on incorporating eLearning technology into their courses, information on eLearning services and updates on UQ wide eLearning projects.  

Reason for the Update

The site was updated to use UQ Drupal Standard as it was previously on a legacy version of Drupal that was due to be decommissioned.

New Features

  • Similar navigation structure to other UQ Drupal sites.
  • “Look and feel” consistent to other UQ Drupal sites.
  • Web versions only of the eLearning tool guides (no PDF versions).
  • New eLearnning tool guides format that allows searching by title (standard Drupal tool).
  • Updated guides format to improve accessibility: steps are numbered, alt text for all images, sentence case for titles and consistent use of heading tags.
  • New format for project pages (standard Drupal tool).

Staff Communications

The eLearning website changes will be communicated to staff via a variety of communication channels.

  • Blackboard spotlight - Monday 22 January.
  • eLearning newsletter - Thursday 01 February.
  • UQ update - Monday 05 February.
  • School Teaching and Learning Chairs eLearning update – February.

Stage 2

In Stage 1 the focus was on migration of the site to UQ Drupal Standard. No major changes were made to the site design due to limited resources. Resources permitting the eLearning team intend to review and improve the site design later in 2018.

The following is currently planned for Stage 2:

  • Migration of content on all current eLearning projects.
  • Migration of content on all completed eLearning projects.
  • Migration and updating on information on proposed eLearning inititatives.
  • Instructional guides based on activity types i.e. Collaboration, Assessment

Individual Resource Web Addresses

The web addresses for individual tool guides guides, project and service information pages changed with the January 2018 site update. Staff are encouraged to update any bookmarks for they have to specific eLearning website pages. The follow web address redirects are in place:

ITaLI websites

eLearning website links within websites maintained by ITaLI (ITaLI, Flipped Classroom and Video for Teaching and Learning) have been updated.


Please email elearningtraining@uq.edu.au to report any errors found in the site or if you have ideas for Stage 2 of the project.

Project members

Library Web Content team

Thanks to the Jacob Tilse, Luke Gaiter and Nick Fitt for their help and advice with this project.

ITS Web team

Thanks to Gina Paterson and Leigh Brewster for their help and advice with this project.

eLearning Website banner

Thanks to Paul Smith for the home page banner image.

Content Migration

Thanks to eLearning team members Nathan La Burniy, Stephanie David and Gary Smith for the hours spent migrating and checking webpages.

ITaLI Website updates

Thanks to Dom McGrath, ITaLI Learning Designer Team Leader for updating all the ITaLI, Flipped Classroom and Video for Teaching and Learning website links.

eLearning Website Migration Project team


Ailsa Dickie

Manager, eLearning Advisers
Institute for Teaching and Learning Innovation

Gary Smith

Senior eLearning Support Officer
Institute for Teaching and Learning Innovation