Current vendor functionality requests

August 2021December 2025

eLearning Systems and Support regular meet with vendors of centrally support tool to discuss features required to improve teaching and learning at UQ. The features we lobby vendors for are listed below in priority order.

List last updated 2 September 2021.


  1. Non-integer marks
    The total mark in Turnitin is currently rounded to the nearest whole number before being transferred to Grade Centre.
  2. Mark ranges in rubrics
    Functionality to allow the allocation of a range of marks per Criterion/Standard (cell).
  3. Group assignment submission
    The functionality for one students to submit on behalf of a group and all group members to receive the mark and feedback.
  4. Email non-submitters
    The functionality to design an email message to be sent to all students who have not submitted an assignment. Additional this functional would also include the option to remove specific students from the emai list. i.e. students with extensions. 
    Note: This functional was available in Turnitin until the upgrade to Turnitin LTI 1.3 in Semester 2 2021.
  5. Inline auto comments
    Functionality to add short inline audio feedback to assignments, similar to text comments.
  6. The student number to be added to the Grade report downloaded from Turnitin.
  7. Assignment title to be displayed in the Assignment Inbox.
    Note: This would be useful in courses that have multiple submission point for one assessment based on groups.

Note: The eLearning team has been lobbying Turnitin for the top three requests since 2013.


  1. Hurdles functionality in Grade Centre
    Additionality functional to add rules Grade Schema to cater for hurdle criteria. i.e. Students must obtain a mark of 50% on the End-of-semester exam to receive a grade 4.