What is happening?

The UQ ePortfolio system, Chalk & Wire was successfully upgraded during the biannual upgrade in August 2018. 

What's new in the upgrade?

Updates to the Resubmission Request feature.

Assessors can now choose to allow Students the ability to dismiss a resubmission request. In order to do this all criteria on an assessment needs to be completed and the Request Resubmission and Make resubmission optional checkboxes need to be ticked.  This will allow students to make a decision as to whether they accept the mark provided or make the recommended changes and complete the resubmission.  Additionally, if a resubmission request is withdrawn by an Assessor, the assessment will now be immediately marked as “complete”.

Performance level descriptions when using Pegmaps

Assessors will now also be able to see the performance level descriptions during assessment if a pegmap has been applied to the instrument. Pegmaps replace numerical scores on an instrument with a text based score eg Satisfactory / Unsatisfactory.


A new Auto-Save feature has been added for Assessors when marking work inside the ePortfolio. This feature will prevent Assessors from losing marking progress (selected scores, comments, etc.) should they encounter Internet Connection or Browser issues during marking.

Student 'Results Seen' timestamp

Course Coordinators can now check if students have reviewed their results and feedback. The Results Seen option is available in the Student Results screen by clicking on the Results Search filter and selecting the checkbox next to Display Results Seen Status.

Main Menu Updates

There have been a range of changes and modifications to the Main Menu for staff.

These include:

  • Assess is now placed in the Main Menu to allow easy access to an assessors marking.
  • The old Assessment menu has been replaced by Reporting.
  • Results live is replaced by the more appropriately named Results Analytics and has received improvements to help make running analytics of results easier.
  • All Assessments has been replaced by Assessment Status Report which will enable you additional features when looking up Assessment Items within your School.

How will the change to ePortfolio be Communicated? 

  • This project page has been created to inform staff about the new features available in the ePortfolio. Links to this webpage will be included in all communications.
  • Presentation provided at the ePortfolio Community of Practice on 13 September 2018
  • Regular eLearning Update articles regarding the changes:
  • A notice in "Spotlight" on the Learn.UQ welcome page.