Turnitin GradeScope Pilot and Deployment

July 2021December 2023

What is Turnitin GradeScope?

Turnitin GradeScope is a tool for marking handwritten assessments such as math, chemistry, physics, engineering, accounting, finance, languages and music. Gradescope allows grouping of similar student responses together for simultaneous marking and feedback, greatly improving the efficiency of the marking process. Course coordinators can set GradeScope up for either student or staff submissions of scanned documents.

Turnitin GradeScope also includes functionality for the submission of software coding assignments by students. Code assignments can be both automatically or manually marked.

What is happening?


Turnitin Gradescope has been made available to all UQ courses.

Semester 2 2021

Turnitin GradeScope was piloted for the submission and automated marking of coding assignments in ITEE.

Semester 1 2022

Turnitin GradeScope will be made available in all courses. Staff can nominate to join and Early Adopter program to receive dedicated help to implement this new tool.

How was the pilot initiated?

The Digital Learning Sub-committee (DLSC) requested a pilot of Turnitin GradeScope for Semester 2, 2021 for the automated marking of code assignments in ITEE courses. Based on a successful pilot the Digital Learning sub-committee endorsed the inclusion of GradeScope in UQ's Turnitin licence for 2022 and that its availablity be brought to the attention of all other disciplines that might benefit from its use, i.e. Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, Accounting and Finance. 

What resources are being produced?



  • Turnitin GradeScope self-paced online workshop (Handwritten assessment)
  • Turnitin GradeScope self-paced online workshop (Computer code assessment)
  • Video case studies from users

How is the availablity of Turnitin GradeScope being communicated?