What is H5P, "The Chase" tool?

"The Chase" tool in H5P allows staff to create a series of questions and allows students to answer them to increase their knowledge during their own time and provide them an engaging resource.

How was the pilot initiated?

Due to the new functionality becoming available in H5P, "The Chase" was piloted during Semester 2 2021.

What was the objective of the pilot?

The pilot's objective was to ensure that new and innovative active learning tools are used to develop student engagement. This can be an alternative to existing methods of formative assessment such as Learn.UQ (Blackboard) Tests. "The Chase" offers an interractive environment to the student where gameification, the application of point scoring and competition with others etc to student learning, encourages engagement with the course content.

What happened?

"The Chase" was succesfully piloted in select courses during Semester 2, 2021 as a method of providing students an interractive method of student student learning. Course teaching staff were provided with access with an H5P licence where they could create their own iterations of the content and also have access to technical and implementation advice from a teaching-qualified eLearning Advisor.

In May 2021, the UQ eLearning Team was given access to "The Chase" in its Testing environment. From there, colleagues and academic staff were invited to use "The Chase" before feedback was provided to the vendor later that month.

In June 2021, a newsletter article requesting Course Coordinators to be part of a pilot group was sent and a number of academics returned correspondence requesting an introductory meeting regarding the useability of the tool. In total, 15 people expressed interest with the tool and 5 requested an Introductory meeting. Following the Introductory meeting, 3 decided to continue with the pilot.

Throughout Semester 2, 2022, participants were provided with support in terms of designing their questions into the tool then discussed how to deploy it to their students. Unfortunately, due to a technical issue, one participant was not able to complete their activity. Following the activity's deployment, a survey was provided to the participants in order for them to express their thoughts on the overall composition of the tool. A meeting was conducted to clarify certain areas before the pilot concluded.

After participant involvement ended, the eLearning Team informed the vendor, H5P, of the issues that the participants detailed as well as positives that made the tool viable for future use.

Staff communications

  • March 21, 2021: This project page was published.
  • March 25, 2021: Mentioned at eLOF meeting that "The Chase" was close to being open for testing.
  • June 7, 2021: An article was placed in the eLearning Update newsletter requesting Course Coordinators to be part of pilot group.
  • June 9 to 15, 2021: Various Introductory meetings took place to provide an overview of the capabilities of "The Chase" and the process involved for the remaineder of the pilot.
  • February 14, 2022: An article was placed in the eLearning Update newsletter to offer Early Adopter support for teaching staff interested in implementing the new functionality during Semester 1, 2022.
  • March 1, 2022: Presented to Faculty of Medicine seeking additional Early Adopters.