What is happening?

The Adobe Connect virtual classroom system was decommissioned on the 16 December 2018. It has been replaced by Zoom which is already the University's video conferencing system.

What do I need to do?

If you are still using Adobe Connect for virtual classroom activities you will need to plan to use Zoom from Summer Semester 2018/2019 onwards. For step-by-step instructions on how to download Adobe Connect videos, refer to the Download Adobe Connect Recordings guide.

What Support is Available?

To support staff transitioning to Zoom the following resources and workshops are planned.

  • Zoom user guide: (by ITS): This technical guide on using Zoom is already available
  • Virtual Classroom guide: Additional resources will be added to this eLearning guide on using Zoom for virtual classroom activities
  • Virtual Workshops: Both the 1 hour online (using Zoom) and 2 hour face to face workshops will be updated. Workshops will be delivered during November - December 2018 with the dates published on the Staff Development site for registration in October.

For technical issues, log a job with the UQ Staff eLearning Helpdesk using help@learn.uq.edu.au

What are the Advantages of UQ moving to Zoom?

  • Ease of use and time savings for academic staff, as they will only need to learn one system for both video conferencing and virtual classroom activities.
  • Improved system reliability and reduced student access issues due to Zoom having a built-in phone bridge. The third-party phone bridge used with Adobe Connect was unreliable.
  • Improved flexibility for students as they can use the system for self-initiated project/group assignment meetings. With Adobe Connect, the teaching staff had to set up the project/group assignment rooms.
  • It may lead to an increased adoption of virtual classroom activities in courses, as staff can build up expertise using the system for video conferencing and then extend their skills to hosting course online learning activities.
  • A saving to the University in licencing costs and administration resources as Zoom will be used as both the video conferencing system and the virtual classroom system.

How will the change to Zoom be Communicated? 

  • This project page has been created to inform staff about the decommissioning of Adobe Connect and the move to Zoom. Links to this webpage will be included in all communications.
  • Regular eLearning Update articles regarding the change, benefits of the new system, Zoom guides available and Virtual Classroom workshops. Articles are planned for the following newsletters:
  • A notice in "Spotlight" on the Learn.UQ welcome page.
  • An email to all staff who have used Adobe Connect in the last 12 months to inform them about the decommissioning of Adobe Connect and support available to transition to using Zoom (September).
  • A reminder email to all staff who had used Adobe Connect between September to November 2018 (late November).

Does Zoom have the functionality required for Virtual Classroom activities?

Zoom now has comparable functionality to Adobe Connect with the recent introduction of LTi capability which allows it to be embedded into Learn.UQ courses. View the Adobe Connect versus Zoom functionality comparison table for additional information.

What was the Consultation Process for the change?

During October and November 2017, 167 active Adobe Connect users were contacted through multiple channels including direct email to provide feedback on whether Adobe Connect was still required in light of Zoom’s availability. People not yet using Zoom were invited to try Zoom and provide feedback.

Most participants reported preferring Zoom because of the phone bridge and its ease of use. The only opposition was how a support request had to be submitted to have a teaching session recorded for the students. Based on this feedback, in December 2017 ITS processes were changed to allow coordinators to record without submitting a support request.