What are active learning tools?

In support of the University's strategy to offer high value in-class experiences, this investigation seeks tools for in-class teaching and collaboration (active learning). Examples include screen sharing software, free text response, in class polling tool, collaborative writing in large cohorts / classes etc. This also includes team/group - focused collaborative solutions (in large classes) that support creating and sharing sketches, diagrams, maths and symbols online.

What have we deployed so far?

The eLearning team has deployed UQ Active Learn which consists of a in-class polling tool (UQpoll), free text response tool where results are displayed as a wordcloud (UQwordcloud) and another free text tool where results are displayed as a "Twitter" like feed (UQwordstream).  The ELearning team is also promoting mirroring360 screen share tool which is available in every UQ lecture theatre. Mirroring360 allows the instructor to present to the class from a tablet or laptop wirelessly from anywhere in the room. Mirroring360 also lets students share their screen, for instance after group work. The eLearning team also deployed ResponseWare in 2015 and piloted ECHO360 ALP (Active Learning Platform) in 2016. Read more about Student response systems.

What are we investigating?

During 2018 we will be writing a business case for a Padlet site licence. Many instructors already use Padlet to facilitate group brainstorming and other active learning activities. A site licence will allow integration with Blackboard which will mean coordinators can create activities based on Blackboard groups. We are also chasing access for students to more advanced office365 and Google docs collaboration tools for in class use.