Echo360 ALP Deployment

January 2019December 2020

What is ALP?

In addition to lecture recordings, Echo360 Active Learning Platform (ALP) provides a range of functionality to facilitate class engagement and participation. For example, the Active Learning Platform will also allow academics to:

  • Add questions and polls to lecture slides uploaded to the system, which students can respond to in real-time during a lecture using their own smart devices (laptop, tablet or mobile phone).
  • Respond to questions from students submitted to the system discussion board.
  • View learning analytics data on:
    • which slides students viewed, wrote notes about, or flagged as confusing.
    • which students have viewed lecture material or engaged with activities during the lecture.

What training is available on ALP?


The Echo360 Active Learning Platform (ALP) workshop will introduce participants to the active learning tool built into UQ’s lecture recording system. The tool allows instructors to upload PowerPoints to the system and add interactive questions that students can respond to during lectures or seminars. To register for the upcoming Echo360 ALP workshops, visit the Staff Development website. 

Adopter Support

Adopter support is now available for teaching staff interested in implementing the new active learning functionality now available in Echo360 in Summer Semester. All adopters will be provided with technical and implementation support from an eLearning Adviser. If you are interested in adopter support, please email

What ALP resources are available?


Step-by-step instructional guides are available to support staff implementing ALP:


Step-by-step instructional guides are available to students participating in active learning activities using ALP: