H5P (Interactive learning activities) Pilot

May 2019February 2021

The H5P pilot was finalised in February 2021 and this page is no longer being updated. H5P is now centrally supported by the eLearning Systems and Support team. Please refer to the H5P guide.

What is H5P?

H5P, a new interactive content capability will be piloted during 2019 - 2020. It is an open source online toolbox of activities that allows staff to create and share interactive content in courses. H5P provides an easy way to create small interactive learning objects that can be inserted into courses. Providing students with engaging resources and formative assessment activities that provide immediate feedback. For more information, please refer to the H5P.com website.

How was the Pilot Initiated?

The pilot was requested by the ITaLI Deputy Director Digital Learning.

What is the objective of the pilot?


The UQ Student Strategy 2016-2020 White Paper invites the university to explore digital technologies, with a specific focus on student-centred flexibility, with extended online and on-campus active learning. The pilot will test if H5P has the potential to support this focus in both the edX (Edge) platform and the Learn.UQ (Blackboard) Learning Management System. 

Detailed pilot objectives

  1. Evaluate the effectiveness of H5P interactive content to increase students’ engagement with course content material and to provide students with formative assessment activities that provide immediate feedback.
  2. Collect feedback from learning designers, course coordinators and students to inform the business case to the pilot H5P with additional learning designers in 2020 and / or extend the pilot to teaching staff.
  3. Test the usability, technical reliability, functional overlap with other UQ tools and pedagogical benefits of all the individual H5P tools to determine which should be made available to staff. Consider for different platforms - UQ Extend, Learn.UQ and Drupal.
  4. Produce teaching, learning and technical resources to support the deployment of the tool.
  5. Produce exemplars to model best practice when incorporating H5P interactive activities into course design.
  6. Investigate the use of analytics to inform Teaching and Learning. Consider for different platforms - UQ Extend, Learn.UQ and Drupal.

What is happening?

The pilot will be delivered using H5P SaaS, the H5P hosting service which provides the benefits of technical support, LMS integration via LTI and user analytics. UQ has purchased 50 (2019) and 250 (2020) Author licences (including 20,000 student licences and 300 GB data storage) for 18 months to facilitate the pilot.

Semester 2 2019

The tool was piloted in UQ2U courses and made available to school and faculty based Learning Designers to design learning objects for additional courses.

Semester 1 & Semester 2 2020

In the second stage of the pilot in 2020, author licences were also be made available to volunteer course coordinators to test a "DIY" approach to producing learning objects for their own courses. A request for volunteers to be involved in the pilot was publicised in the eLearning newsletter at the start of Semester 1 and Semester 2 2020.


H5P will be centrally support by the eLearning Systems and Support team. Technical Support (help@elearning.uq.edu.au) and Professional Development services will be provided for the tool. Depending on the pilot evaluation the availablity of H5P will be extended to all interested teaching staff.

What resources are available to support the pilot?



  • Recommended setting guides for all activity types
  • H5P online workshop

Adviser Group

This project is resourced by the ITaLI eLearning Systems and Support team and guided by the following adviser group members: 

Organisational Unit / team
Ailsa DickieProject ManagerITaLI, eLearning Systems and Support
Adriana DiazLecturerCoordinator of the Spanish and Latin American Studies Program
School of Languages and Culture
Sandra ThwaitesLearning DesignerITaLI, Course Design and Development
Jessica LeonardEducational DesignerBEL, Educational Designer
Jessica TsaieLearning CoordinatorHABS, eLearning Coordinator
Chris FrosteLearning Co-ordinatorHASS, eLearning Co-ordinator
Marianne SatoLibrarianLibrary, Information and Digital Literacy
Gary SmitheLearning Support OfficerITaLI, eLearning Systems and Support
Iliria StenningeLearning AdviserITaLI, eLearning Systems and Support