The eLearning Solution Service is available for limited tools. See the list below for more information.

The eLearning Systems and Support team provide an eLearning Solutions Service to help staff implement eLearning solutions for the most common teaching and learning problems, using centrally supported eLearning tools. This service is provided to staff at no cost. 

How do I nominate for eLearning solutions support?

Staff can nominate for the eLearning solutions service by booking on the eLearning Solutions Service Appointments webpage to organise an individual consultation at your office with eLearning Educational Advisor. Include the following information in the notes section:

I wish to implement the following (delete the options that are not relevant):

  • Online mini lectures (PowerPoint and Kaltura CaptureSpace) (available)
  • Online assignment submission and marking (Turnitin) (available)
  • eLearning refresher (review of course) (not available)
  • Online quizzes / tests (available)
  • In-class active learning tools (UQpoll, UQwordcloud, UQwordstream and PadletUQ only) (available)
  • Grade Centre (not available)
  • Virtual classrooms / meetings (Zoom) (available)
  • Video assignments (available)
  • Video content (Kaltura) (available)
  • Collaboration / Reflection tools (not available)
  • Group Peer Assessment (not available)
  • ePortfolio (including a ePortfolio configuration service) (available with Nathan La Burniy only)
  • Checkbox (external survey tool) (available)

Course code:

Building number

Room number:

A brief description (4 sentences or dot points only) of my teaching and learning goal:

What solutions can I implement?

Course coordinators can nominate to receive a personal professional development and configuration session, followed by priority support at launch, to implement one of the following:

  • Online quiz / test
    Improve student engagement and feedback, and help them acquire knowledge to apply in an active classroom.
  • In-class active learning tool (UQ Active Learn - UQpoll - UQwordcloud - UQwordstream and PadletUQ):
    Improve student engagement in lectures and gain real time feedback on student's understanding of content presented.
  • Online assignment submission and marking:  
    Improve marking efficiency, quality of feedback and turn around time.
  • Grade Centre
    Improve the recording of your marking for both calculating Final Grades and releasing marks to students.
  • Video assignment (Kaltura):
    Video assignments are a great way to assess communication skills.
  • Collaborative / Reflection tool (Discussion board or Blogs):
    Example activities include a reflective learning diary for practicum placements or a project progress log.
  • Online mini lecture (PowerPoint and Kaltura CaptureSpace)
    Move some of your content online to free up class time for active learning activities. i.e. when implementing a Flipped Classroom approach.
  • Video content (Kaltura, YouTube mashup)
    Add your own videos to your course site.
  • Group management
    Create and manage project groups. Set up Discussion Boards and Blogs by tutorial group.
  • ePortfolio for WIL
    Tracking individual student attainment of (professional standards / competencies / learning objectives, learning outcomes) across courses in a program or discipline. Programs must apply and be accepted by the ePortfolio for WIL steering committee to be involved in the ePortfolio deployment.
  • Checkbox
    Checkbox is a UQ ITS supported survey tool. Surveys can be sent to both internal and external participants. The surveys are UQ branded.

What is not covered by this service?

This service is focused on helping coordinators implement tools for the first time, but through the full cycle of adoption over a single semester. The service is deliberately limited to eLearning solutions to the most common teaching problems, and on fully supported tools. Support for more advanced tools, or pedagogical design advice is available from ITaLI and Faculty Educational Designers. Due to resourcing levels the service cannot always take on new clients, however timely responses will be given to existing clients and initial new service requests. If you are not an ELSS client and need timely support please log a job with

What support would I receive?

Course coordinators will receive the following individual support from an eLearning advisor:

  • Initial consultation
    Discussion on what your teaching and learning goals are and what tool would be suitable for the planned activity.
  • Tool configuration
    Visiting the coordinator's office to assist them in the initial set up of the tool for an activity.
  • General support
    The coordinator will have access to email support with the trainer after the initial consultation. The trainer will check in with the coordinator at critically points i.e. Before an online test goes live.
  • Launch support
    On the nominated launch day for the tool, the coordinator will have phone access to the trainer to deal with any urgent launch issues.
  • Follow up and handover
    Review and wrap up of implementation, handing over to standard support.

Is this service available to all UQ teaching staff?

The service operates on a first come / first serve and aims to accommodate as many staff as possible with the resources available.  The service is available to staff at St Lucia, PACE, Herston and Gatton. The eLearning Advisors are located at St Lucia therefore visits to Gatton will be scheduled for particular days catering to 3 or more staff members. Individual Gatton staff can also receive support over the phone and with screen sharing (using Zoom).

How long do I receive eLearning support for?

The service is designed to support staff in the first implementation of a single tool from the list above. Course coordinators will need to make separate nominations for each tool. 

What about eLearning professional development workshops?

This service is designed to complement eLearning professional development workshops available through Staff Development. Workshops are designed to give staff a general introduction to eLearning tools, this service will help staff configure and implement tools for a specific teaching and learning activity. You can also request a custom workshop for the other teaching staff / tutors in your course. i.e. Online marking workshops for tutors for courses implementing Turnitin are popular.

How is this service evaluated?

This service is evaluated based on the results of the eLearning solutions service feedback survey and the change in eLearning tool usage rates over time.