UQ Active Learn is a suite comprising of three applications: UQpoll, UQwordcloud, UQwordstream.  These applications are used to collect student responses to a question or a series of questions posed during a lecture/tutorial.  Students will be able to respond using a web enabled device (PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android device or other smart phones).

Note: All UQ staff can use the UQ Active Learn suite (tutors will need to login using their staff username and login). Each UQ staff member will automatically be allocated an Active Learn ID which needs to be given to students so they are able to enter their responses to the associated staff member’s UQ Active Learn application.

Steps involved in using UQ Active Learn applications

  1. Before your first session inform students you will be using the application.
  2. Plan/setup your questions.
  3. Pose your question/s during your lecture/tutorial.  The question/s can be posed within your PowerPoint slides, on the whiteboard, within the UQ Active Learn application or verbally.
  4. Open the required UQ Active Learn application (in instructor view) in an Internet browser where the student responses will be displayed.
  5. Instruct students to access the UQ Active Learn suite webpage and to enter your Active Learn ID.  https://apps.elearning.uq.edu.au/
  6. Students will be prompted to login when accessing the UQ Active Learn suite using their UQ student username and password.  All responses are recorded with the student’s username. The list of responses can be downloaded using the SAVE RESULTS button.  
  7. Instruct students to enter their response/s via either UQpoll, UQwordcloud, UQwordstream.

Student active learning tool response

  1. View the student responses within the UQ Active Learn application (in instructor view) webpage and discuss the results.

Student requirements

  1. Students will require access to a web enabled device to bring to class (PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android device, other smart phones).
  2. Entering their responses is free if they use UQ’s wireless network, Eduroam.
  3. To setup Eduroam on their web enabled device before class:

Note: To ensure equity for students who do not own a web enabled device, use UQ Active Learning suite applications for formative learning activities only and have students collaborate on answers. Based on groups of 2 to 5 students, only 40%+ of students need to have a web enabled device for activities to be effective.

Sample discussion starter - student question

The below question is useful for starting a discussion on why you are using in-class active learning tools in your lecture.

What do you think is the single most important reason for using an in-class active learning tool?

A. Promotes peer discussion that is balanced, with ideas put forth evenly from all participants.

B. Promotes a safe environment for you to answer what you honestly think.

C. Gives you feedback on how well you understand a topic.

D. Gives me as your instructor feedback on what needs to be taught better, or expanded upon.

E. Encourages you to mentally engage with the concepts so that the lecture is not just passive listening and note taking.