Video Guide

Create a Multiple Choice Question with Images (YouTube, 3m 1s)


Questions can be added to a test (refer Create a Test guide) or pool (refer Create a Pool guide).

Images can be used in answers for a range of question types and question feedback.

Warning: There is a known issue whereby images will no longer be available to students after the Display Until date/time has passed. To avoid this occuring, consider using the due date option instead, which will mark a test as late if completed after the due date has passed and can then be graded manually. For more information, refer to the Deploy a Test guide 

Example question

Which of the below is the Australian flag?

Question mark

a. Tonga flag
b. Fiji flag
c. New Zealand flag
d. Australian flag

Enable the images settings

By default, images are not available to add to answers or feedback.

Note: You are able to add images to the question itself without enabling this setting. 

  1. Click on the Question Settings button.

Test canvas with the Question Settings button circled

  1. Check the Add images, files, and web links to individual feedback checkbox.
  2. Check the Add images, files, and web links to answers checkbox.
  3. Click on the Submit button.

add image to answers

Tip: After you have finished creating all of your multiple choice questions with images, turn these settings off.

Select question type

  1. Click on the Create Question button.
  2. Select Multiple Choice from the dropdown list.

Create question button selected with multiple choice circled from the drop down menu


  1. Enter a title for the question in the Question Title textbox.
  2. Enter the question in the Question Text textbox.
  3. Optionally, to add an image within the Question Text textbox, refer to the Insert an Image using the Text Editor guide.

    Question setup with question title, question text box, file browse button and the action drop down box circled


    1. Select the required option from the Answer Numbering dropdown list.

    Note: Ensure you choose the same option consistently.

    1. Select Vertical from the Answer Orientation dropdown list.
    2. Do not check the Allow Partial Credit checkbox, as it is not relevant for multiple choice questions.
    3. Optionally, check the Show answers in random order checkbox to help stop cheating in summative assessments.

    Options with answer numbering, answer orientation, allow partial credit and show answers in a random order circled


    1. Select the required number from the Number of Answers dropdown list.

    Tip: If you require less than four answer options, click on the Remove button to delete an answer option.

      1. Optionally, enter text in each Answer textbox.

      Important: Answer textboxes require at least one character to be inputted. In the case that you want images to be displayed without text, include a fullstop (.) in each answer textbox.

      1. Click on Choose File button and select the required image file.
      2. Select Display image within the page from the Special Action dropdown list.

      Note: It is recommended that you compress each image to reduce the file size and image dimensions before including them in the test. For step-by-step instructions, refer to the Create Small File Size guide. 

      1. Select the Correct radio button for the correct answer.

      answer 1

        Feedback (optional)

        Giving specific correct or incorrect response feedback is optional. You can also attach an image to individual feedback in the same way you would for answers.

        1. Enter correct response feedback in the Correct Response Feedback textbox. 
        2. Optionally, click on Choose File button and select the required image file.
        3. Optionally, select Display image within the page from the Special Action dropdown list.
        4. Repeat the process for the Incorrect Response Feedback textbox. 

        Feedback section with the correct response feedbask and incorrect response feedback text boxes circled

        Categories and Keywords (optional)

        Adding categories and keywords to questions allows you to search your tests and pools for questions by topic, category, level of difficulty or keyword.

        Add a new topic/category/level of difficulty/keyword:

        1. Click on the Add button.
        2. Enter a word in the Add Tag textbox. 
        3. Click on the OK button to submit.

        add new category

        Add an existing topic/category/level of difficulty/keyword:

          1. Click on the Add button.
          2. Click on the Choose from Existing button.
          3. Select a word from the dropdown list.

          add existing category

          Tip: Click on the (x) button to delete a topic/category/level of difficulty/keyword.

          Instructor Notes (optional)

          1. Enter any notes for the marker in the Instructor Notes textbox.

          Note: Instructor notes cannot be viewed by students.

          Instructor notes with text box circled


          1. Click on the Submit button.
          2. The question will then be added to your test.

          View of newly created multiple choice question with images.