Once you have deployed a test, you can edit the test options at any time. 

6. Show test results and feedback to students

You can organise one or more rules for when feedback is available to students i.e. After Submission and After Due Date.

  1. Select when the test results and feedback are shown to students from the When drop-down list:
    • After Submission
    • One-time View
    • On Specific Date
    • After Due Date
    • After Availability and End Date
    • After Attempts are Graded
  2. Check the required Test Feedback checkboxes:
    • Score: students receive a mark if all questions are self-marking i.e. if no short answer, essay or file upload questions are included
    • All Answers: shows all question options
    • Correct: Shows the correct answers
    • Submitted: Shows all of the student’s submitted answers
    • Feedback: Shows custom instructor feedback for each question
    • Incorrect Questions: Shows the questions a student answered incorrectly and any feedback provided

updating student feedback