Video Guide

Create a Calculated Numeric Question (YouTube, 1m 38s)


Questions can be added to a test (refer Create a Test guide) or pool (refer Create a Pool guide).

Example question

Calculate the Creatinine clearance for a female patient according to the Cockgroft-Gault equation to 2 decimal places.


Weight: 57kg

CR: 1.9mg/dL

Select question type

  1. Click on the Create Question button.
  2. Select Calculated Numeric from the drop down menu.

Create question circled with calculated numeric circled in the drop down menu


  1. Enter a descriptive name for the question in the Question Title textbox.
  2. Enter the question into the Question Text  textbox.

Question title text box circled and question text box circled


Note: The answer can be an exact value or number with a set range of numbers.

  1. Enter the correct answer into the Correct Answer textbox.
  2. If the answer is a range of values, enter the range in the Answer Range+/- textbox.

Answers with the correct answer text box and answer range text box circled.


  1. Giving specific feedback is optional. The default is Correct / Incorrect.

Feedback section with the correct response feedbask and incorrect response feedback text boxes circled

Categories and Keywords

Adding categories and keywords to questions, allows you to search you tests and pools for questions by topic etc.

To add a new Category / Topic / Level of Difficulty / Keyword:

  1. Click on the Add button.
  2. Click on the OK button.

To delete a Category / Topic / Level of Difficulty / Keyword:

  1. Click on the Delete button.

To add an existing Category / Topic / Level of Difficulty / Keyword:

  1. Click on the Choose from Existing button.
  2. Select a word from the drop down list.

Categories and keywords with the add button, red X Add tag text box, ok and choose from existing all circled

Instructor Notes

  1. Notes added in the Instructor Notes text box cannot be viewed by students.

Instructor notes with text box circled


  1. Click on the  Submit button.

View of newly created calculated numeric question.