Ultra courses are Blackboard's most recent look and functionality for course sites. Ultra offers a new clean modern look with enhanced functionality.
Current vendor functionality requests
August, 2021December, 2025
H5P Updates
September, 2021December, 2025
Buddycheck pilot and deployment
January, 2023December, 2024
Jac (Curriculum Management System)
October, 2020December, 2024
Learn.UQ tools update 2023-2024
March, 2023June, 2024
Ultra Courses Activation Project
July, 2023December, 2026
Kaltura decommission and transition to EchoVideo
January, 2024January, 2025
Lecture Recording Enhancement 2017
January, 2017December, 2017
EesySoft Trial
August, 2018October, 2018
Turnitin LTI 1.3 Integration Upgrade
April, 2021January, 2022
eLearning Website Migration
September, 2017April, 2018
Legacy Lecture Recording System Decommission
September, 2018February, 2019
Online Exams Transition
March, 2020August, 2021
Lecture Capture Review 2018
January, 2018August, 2018
ePortfolio Upgrade August 2018
August, 2018December, 2018
ED Discussion Board Pilot and Deployment
May, 2021December, 2022
Corporate Training Platform
January, 2018November, 2018
Student Laptop Initiative
August, 2018December, 2019
Turnitin Gradescope Pilot and Deployment
July, 2021December, 2023
Blackboard (Learn.UQ) upgrade
February, 2018August, 2018
Kaltura RAPT Evaluation
December, 2018May, 2019
Impact Trial
January, 2022March, 2022
Active Learning Tools Deployment
January, 2017January, 2020
Learn.UQ (Blackboard) Upgrade - July 2019
January, 2019July, 2019
Kaltura MediaSpace Pilot
June, 2022July, 2023
Learn.UQ Upgrade Timeline 2017
January, 2017January, 2018
Echo360 ALP Deployment
January, 2019December, 2020
January, 2014December, 2019
ePortfolio Upgrade April 2019
March, 2019July, 2019