What is happening?

The UQ ePortfolio system, Chalk & Wire will be upgraded during the biannual upgrade in April 2019. The date and time were determined by Chalk & Wire and they apologise for any inconvenience caused. During this time there will be no access to the UQ ePortfolio for students and staff.

What's new in the upgrade?

Results Analytics Filters 

New options and filters are available in the Advanced Settings of Results Analytics:

  • Assessment Type allows users to filter results by the type of assessment from which they are generated.
  • Collective Review users may now also filter by “Campaign” in Results Analytics.

Performance Improvements

We have made updates to our mail delivery tool to increase the reliability of our system emails. Additionally, we have adjusted the Grade Centre assignment selection dropdown in the assessment interface to further enhance usability.

How will the change to ePortfolio be Communicated? 

  • This project page has been created to inform staff about the new features available in the ePortfolio. Links to this webpage will be included in all communications.
  • A Presentation to be provided at the ePortfolio Community of Practice on 9 May 2019.
  • Email to all current Limited Administrator Users on 2 April 2019.
  • Regular eLearning Update articles regarding the changes. Articles are planned for the following newsletters:
  • A notice in "Spotlight" on the Learn.UQ welcome page.