Kaltura MediaSpace Pilot

June 2022July 2023

What is Kaltura MediaSpace?

Kaltura MediaSpace is a digital media portal that provides a suite of tools for creating, publishing, streaming and sharing media files. It is integrated with Blackboard and can also be used outside of Blackboard. Kaltura MediaSpace functions similarly to YouTube, but with more control and management options. Users have the ability to segregate videos into channels with specific access controls, moderate comments, and the option to open channels to viewers outside the university where appropriate control and moderation can be employed. In addition, media can be organised into channels or playlists, are automatically machine-captioned and tags attributed can make searching easier within the platform.  

How was this project initiated? 

This project was initiated on request from UQ Business School and there is also strong interest from other schools and units to use Kaltura MediaSpace as a video content management platform to manage their growing number of video assets.

What is the objective of the pilot?

The pilot's objective is to determine whether Kaltura MediaSpace can be effectively used as a university-wide Learning Object Repository (LOR) to manage various media files which can be shared and accessed at both a program and school level. The pilot will also help determine whether MediaSpace can be used as a storage and organisation solution for LearnX courses.

What is happening? 

A soft launch approach will be adopted to enable the eLearning team to review and decide on how the MediaSpace site can be appropriately managed, structured and accessed by working collaboratively with select group of users for subject matter expertise. To facilitate this, Kaltura MediaSpace will be initially made available to UQ Business School and the ITaLI Media team as they are both heavy users of video content.

Staff communications


Project timeline

  • Feb 2022: Business case submitted
  • May 2022: Contract established with vendor
  • July 2022: Approved by the IT Project Approval Board (PAB)
  • Aug 2022: Contract finalised with vendor
  • Sep 2022: Key staff completed online training:
  • Sep 2022: Key staff were given access to a staging environment
  • Oct 2022: Live MediaSpace setup and user testing
  • Nov 2022: Initial feedback gathering from pilot participants
  • Dec 2022: Instructional guides created/linked
  • Dec 2022: SSO integration
  • Jan - June 2023: Piloted in select Semester 1, 2023 courses
  • June 2023: Detailed evaluation and pilot report
  • July 2023: A university-wide adoption and communication plan will be determined