The Blackboard upgrade for 2019 is proposed to occur on Thursday 4, Friday 5, and Saturday 6 of July 2019. Feedback on these dates can be sent to All feedback will be considered in the decision according to the maintenance process.

These dates fall in the inter-semester recess after Semester 1 grades have been published, but before supplementary exams and O-week of Semester 2. Most undergraduate courses will be on break, although some course dates differ from standard semester schedules. If this is likely to impact your course activity, please discuss this with your Program Director or Head of School. 

The University is required to maintain a sufficiently ‘current’ version of Blackboard to meet the terms of our support contract with the vendor, and as a requirement of the University CIO’s security regime.  Upgrades also provide important updates to functionality.

What's new in the upgrade?

This upgrade is to version 'April 2019' release: Blackboard Learn 9.1 Q2 2019

There appears to be new functionality, as well as improvements to existing functionality included in this upgrade.

Further details will be available soon, once Blackboard releases more information about the upgrade.

When will end user testing be available?

ITS and the eLearning team will conduct testing in a range of testing environments throughout May and early June. End-users will be invited to test within the staging environment at a date to be advised.

What should I test?

It is recommended that Course Instructors using textbook publishing tools try these out in the staging environment.  

Staff who have unusual workflows, or use a range of additional tools in their coursework should test these in the staging environment, to prepare for any workflow changes.

To arrange for a copy of your current course to be added to the staging environment, please contact the eLearning Support staff with your request.  


This page will be updated as information becomes available and all communication will link back to this page.

10 January 2019: ITaLI communications team was consulted on the upgrade date selection and consultation process.

11 January 2019: A notice was put in spotlight alerting staff and students to the proposed dates and seeking feedback.

15 January 2019: A notice was put in the eLearning Update newsletter to all coordinators and associated professional staff alerting them about the proposed dates and seeking feedback.

Planned communications

  • All staff and all student memos sent according to ITS and eLearning team communication and change management best practice guidelines.
  • Notification in Blackboard Spotlight.
  • Heads of Schools notified by email.
  • Teaching and Learning Chairs notified by email.
  • ELOF members notified by email.
  • Regular updates will be included in the following eLearning Newsletters:
    • 15 January 2019
    • 19 February 2019
    • 19 March 2019
    • 16 April 2019
    • 14 May 2019
    • 11 June 2019
    • 2 July 2019


If you require assistance, please contact the ITS Service Desk:
Phone: +61 7 336 56000 or 1300 738 082 (Australia-wide)
Availability: Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm, Saturday 8am to 12 midday