Saving a Blackboard Test as a PDF file allows you to easily proof-read the exam and provide a past exam copy to the Library. It also allows you to distribute the PDF file for checking purposes to those who may not have access.

Note: If you are producing a PDF for proof reading purposes for a Blackboard Tests with a random block/s, it is recommended that you produce a copy of the test and change the Random Block setting to show all questions (i.e. if the 'real' test is set to randomly allocate one question from a pool of four questions, change the setting to allocate four questions from the pool of four questions). Refer to the Edit Test Options and Random Block guides.

Note: If you are producing a PDF copy of a Blackboard Test to provide a past exam paper to the library, it is recommended that you produce a copy of the test and add the Exam information to the test Description.

Install the bookmarklet in Chrome (optional)

The Learn.UQ (Blackboard) Test Printer Bookmarklet allows you to quickly reformat and save a Blackboard Test as a PDF file.

For step-by-step instructions on installing the bookmarklet in Chrome, refer to the Install the Learn.UQ (Blackboard) Test Printer Bookmarklet webpage.

To show your bookmarks bar in Chrome, select More > Bookmarks > Show bookmarks bar.

show bookmarks bar

Check test settings

You will need to set the test to open in a new window and display all questions at once. 

  1. Click on the down arrow next to the test link in your Learn.UQ course.
  2. Select Edit the Test Options from the dropdown list.

edit test options

  1. Under Test Information, ensure Yes is selected for the Open test in new window ​setting.

new window

  1. Under Test Presentation, ensure All at Once is selected.
  2. Click on the Submit button.

all at once

Save the test as a PDF

  1. Click on the test link in your Learn.UQ course to open it in a new tab.

test link

  1. Click on the Begin button.

begin button

  1. Click on the Ctrl + P buttons on your keyboard. 


  1. Optionally, click on the Blackboard Test Printer bookmark in your bookmarks bar.

bookmark bar

  1. The Print Preview window will be displayed.

Print Preview settings

  1. Select Save as PDF from the Destination dropdown list. 
  2. Click on More settings to expand the options.
  3. Uncheck the Headers and Footer checkbox.
  4. Uncheck the Background graphics checkbox.
  5. Click on the Save button

print preview options

Edit the test settings (optional)

Optionally, you can change the test settings back to your preferred setup (i.e. set questions to appear one at a time). For more information, refer to the Edit Test Options guide. 

Export the test as a Word document (optional)

Once the test/exam has been saved as a PDF file, you can then export it as a Word document using Adobe Acrobat Pro. For step-by-step instructions, refer to the How to convert PDF to Word guide by Adobe.