Video Guide

Deploy Tests (YouTube, 7m 18s)


Once you have created a test and added the required questions, the final step is to deploy the test.

8. Test Presentation

  1. From the Presentation Mode radio buttons, select either:​
  • All at Once, all questions are displayed on the one page. This is the easiest option for students.
  • One at a Time, students can only view one question per page.

Tip: In an invigilated exam, the One at a Time option can help stop students viewing answers on a neighbour’s screen, as they are unlikely to be on the same question (randomising questions will also make this difficult). This option also makes it more time consuming for students to print / copy the questions.

  1. DO NOT check the Prohibit Backtracking checkbox due to the fact that if students use the browser back button, they will be thrown out of the test.
  2. Optionally, check the Randomised Questions checkbox to ensure students do not all receive the questions in the same order.
  3. Click on the Submit button. 

test presentation options

  1. The test will then be deployed in your Learn.UQ course. 

deployed test in course