Videos can also be uploaded anywhere there is Visual Textbox Editor (Announcements, Items, Discussion Board, Blogs, Journals, Wikis and Assignments). 

Videos can also be uploaded to Kaltura and directly inserted into a Content Area (Learning Resources or Assessment) using the Tools Menu. Refer to the Insert a video into a Content Area guide.

Refer to the Desktop Recordings tool page for information on creating webcam and screen recordings.

Note: To use Kaltura on campus you must be logged into the UQ Internet Quota System. i.e. Enter any external website address into your browser, enter your user name and password and click continue.

Insert a video

  1. Create either:
    • An announcement
    • Content item
    • Discussion Board
    • Blog
    • Journal
    • Wiki
    • An assignment
  2. In the Textbox editor, click on the Insert Mashup button.
  3. ​Select Kaltura Media from the drop down menu.

Text editor with Mashups and Kaltura media circled

  1. Click on the Select button to choose a video that you would like to insert.
  2. Alternatively, upload a new video. 
  3. Refer to the My Media guide.

Kaltura My Media view with Select circled

  1. The video will be displayed in the Textbox editor.

Inserted Kaltura video

Delete the video

  1. Select the video thumbnail and the table.
  2. Press the Delete key on your keyboard.

Highlighted video ready to be deleted