The Learn.UQ Late Submissions Finder tool has been developed to help staff identify any students who submitted their exam after the exam duration.

Note: This tool will only work for document upload exams that use a Blackboard Test to release the question paper and a Blackboard/Turnitin assignment for the submission of the question paper. 

Using the Grade History Report file, Grade Centre file (Turnitin assignments only), dates/times of the assessment release/close and the exam duration, the tool will generate a list of students who may have gone over time or taken too long to complete their exam.

Note: The Learn.UQ Late Submissions Finder tool only provides an indication of students that might have submitted after the exam duration, therefore a manual investigation should still take place.

Download Grade History Report

The Learn.UQ Late Submissions Finder requires you to download a copy of the Grade History Report. For step-by-step instructions, refer to the Grade History Report guide. 

Download Grade Centre file (Turnitin assignments only)

For document upload exams that use a Turnitin assignment for the submission of the question paper, the Learn.UQ Late Submissions Finder recommends you download a copy of the Grade Centre. For step-by-step instructions, refer to the Download a Spreadsheet from the Grade Centre guide. 

As only full student names are included for Turnitin assignments in the Grade History Report (i.e. no student usernames), it isn't possible to differentiate between students with the same full name. Therefore, by uploading the Grade Centre file (which includes student usernames) in addition to the Grade History Report, the tool will be able to identify whether your course has multiple students with the same name.

Blackboard Late Submissions Finder

  1. Go to the Learn.UQ Late Submissions Finder for document upload exams webpage.
  2. Click on the calendar icon for Assessment Release Start Date/Time.
  3. Select the exam start date on the calendar.
  4. Click on the time icon. 

click on calendar icon

  1. Select the exam start time in a 24 hour format.

exam start time selected

  1. Repeat the process for the Assessment Close Date/Time.
  2. Enter the exam duration in the Exam Duration textbox.

exam duration textbox

  1. Click on the Choose file button and select the Grade History Report you previously downloaded. 

grade history report upload

  1. For Turnitin assignments, click on the Choose file button and upload the Grade Centre file you previously downloaded. 

upload grade centre spreadsheet

  1. Select the Question Paper column name from the Blackboard Test with Question Paper dropdown list. 
  2. Select the Submission column name from the Submission Link (Turnitin or Blackboard assignment) dropdown list. 
  3. Click on the Find Late Submissions button. 

select dropdowns

  1. Any students who submitted their exam after the exam duration will be displayed in the table.

Warning: Please check if any students in this list have an alternative exam arrangement.

Note: The submission time for Turnitin assignments may not be correct and should be checked manually in Turnitin for any students who appear in the table, as a grades sync can potentially override the submission time. For step-by-step instructions, refer to the Viewing submission information guide. 

  1. Optionally, click on the Download CSV button to download the table as a CSV file. 

late submissions in table