Smart views can be setup by selecting individual students into a particular tutorial group/s in the Grade Centre. The groups must be SI-net groups or groups you have created such as project or assignment groups (refer Groups tool page).

The below is an example how to set up a Smart View for a SI-net tutorial group.

Create a Smart View

  1. From the Control Panel select Grade Centre > Full Grade Centre.

click on full grade centre

  1. Click on the Manage button.
  2. Select Smart Views from the drop down list.

click on smart views

Smart Views

  1. Click on the Create Smart View button.

Smart View Information

  1. Enter a title for the Smart View in the Name textbox.
  2. Optionally, enter information about the Smart View in the Description textbox.
  3. Optionally, check the Add as Favourite checkbox, the Smart view will appear as a link in the Control Panel.

populate smart view informaiton

Selection Criteria

  • From Type of View
  1. Select the User radio button.
  • From Select Criteria
  1. Select either All Users or Selected Users from the drop down list.

Note:  If you Selected Users, select the students from the list.

  • From Filter Results
  1. Select the columns you need to view from the drop down list. i.e. All Columns.

specify selection criteria


  1. Click on the Submit button

submit button highlighted

Note: The above process will need to be repeated for each tutorial group.