Marks can be uploaded to the Grade Centre by following the following steps:

1. Add a blank column to the Grade Centre for the marks.

2. Download the spreadsheet.

3. Enter / calculate the required marks in the blank column.

4. Remove formulas and save the file as a csv file.

5. Upload the spreadsheet to Grade Centre.

Create a blank column

  1. From the Control Panel select Grade Centre > Full Grade Centre.

click on full grade centre

  1. Refer to the Create a column guide.

Download the spreadsheet

  1. Click on the Work Offline button.
  2. Click on the Download from the drop down. 

click on download button


  1. From Select Data to Download.
    • Select the Full Grade centre radio button. 

click submit


  1. Select the Comma radio button for Delimiter Type.
  2. Select the No radio button for Include Hidden Information.

select no and comma radio buttons

Download Grades

  1. Click the Download button. 

click on download button

  1. Click on the downloaded spreadsheet to open it in Excel.

click on excel file

Enter / calculate marks

  1. Enter the marks / formula in the required column.

enter marks in column

Note: Do not sort the spreadsheet or you may create errors when you upload it.

Remove formulas / Save

Note: The spreadsheet cannot contain formulas when it is uploaded to Blackboard. To remove the formulas copy the cells and paste them back again as values.

Note: Save this working file as a record of all of your calculations (with a different name).

  1. Highlight the marks in the column and then select copy. 

select copy

  1. With the marks still highlighted, select Paste > Paste Values.

paste values

  1. The spreadsheet must be saved as a txt or csv file to be uploaded to Blackboard. 

save as csv

  1. If a message is displayed when you save the file, click the Yes button.

Upload the Spreadsheet

  1. Click on the Work Offline button.
  2. Click on the Upload from the drop down. 

click on upload

  1. Click on the Browse My Computer button.
  2. Open the required file.
  3. Click the Submit button. 

  1. Check the upload grades confirmation page to make sure the changes you have made is there.  
  2. Click on the Submit button. 

Note:  In the above example the column was set to display the score and the secondary display we set to Percentage.