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The marks spreadsheet you can download from the Grade centre cannot be directly uploaded to SI-net as it is not in the required format. Furthermore, marks from the Grade Centre spreadsheet cannot be copied and pasted into a SI-net course list, as students are listed in a slightly different order.

To convert your Grade Centre file into the required SI-net format you need to use the SiNet Merge tool.


To upload grades to SI-net from the Blackboard Grade Centre you need to:

  1. Download your course list from SI-net.
  2. Use the Blackboard SiNet Merge tool to create a SI-net version of your grade centre content.
  3. Move (using a formula) the final student marks and grades to correct SI-net column OR
    calculate the final mark and grade in the correct SI-net column.
  4. Keep a copy of this working file, then reduce it down to a grades spreadsheet containing only the two columns required by SI-net.
  5. Upload your grades spreadsheet to SI-net.

How to download your course list from SI-net

To obtain a file into which to enter students’ grades follow the steps in the mySI-net Guide for Staff,

  1. Grade Upload
  2. Download a Class List

How to use the Blackboard SI-net Merge tool

To merge the marks from Blackboard’s Grade Centre into your previously downloaded SI-net spreadsheet:

  1. From the Control Panel select Grade Centre > Full Grade Centre.
  2. Click on the Manage button.
  3. Select SI-net Merge from the drop down list.

click on si-net merge

  1. Click on the Browse button.
  2. Browse to, and open your previously downloaded SI-net spreadsheet.
  3. Click on the Submit button.

click submit

  1. Click on the Download button.

click download

  1. Save the file (a spreadsheet with Grade Centre content but in SI-net format).

Calculate final student marks and grades

  1. Open the new SI-net spreadsheet.
  2. The marks from Grade Centre will have been copied into the spreadsheet.
  3. Enter formulas to move OR calculate the final mark and grade into columns C and B.

enter formulas in columns C and B

Note: The spreadsheet cannot contain formulas when it is uploaded to SI-net. You will need to copy any column with formulas and paste the values only back into the cells.

Note: Save this working file as a record of all of your calculations (with a different name).

  1. Highlight the marks in column C and then select copy.

select copy

  1. With the marks still highlighted, select paste > Paste Values.

paste values

  1. Repeat the above steps to remove the formulas from column B.
  2. Delete all of the marks columns that came from Grade Centre.
  3. Delete all other working columns that SI-net does not accept.
  4. Save the grades spreadsheet, (using the name of the original class list file that you downloaded from SI-net).
  5. If the below dialogue box is shown, click on the Yes button.

click yes

Upload your grades spreadsheet to SI-net

Contact one of the SI-net Expert Users in your School or Faculty for assistance on how to complete the grade upload to Si-net.