Smart Views are focused views of the Grade Centre. Any number of Smart Views can be created based on a variety of criteria including:

  • Course Group - you can view a course group of students, or a number of groups together.
  • Performance - you can view students based on their performance on a particular graded item.
  • User - you can view individual students.
  • Category and Status - you can combine the other 3 Smart Views.
  • Custom - you can build a query based on user criteria.

Smart Views can be added to the Grade Centre section of the Control Panel, so they can be accessed easily.

  1. To add a Smart View as a Favourite, click the star icon in the Add as Favourite column.

click add as favourate star

  1. In the Grade Centre section of the Control Panel, Smart Views appear as an indented list under Full Grade Centre.

smart view listed under full grade centre