A pool is a bank of questions test that can be reused repeatedly in multiple assessments. Pools can be exported from one course and imported into another for reuse. Pools themselves are never deployed or made visible to students. When you create a test or survey, you can search in pools for questions to add.

A test can be added directly to Content Area (Learning Resources and Assessment), but a pool question must be included in a test before it can be added to Content Area.

Examples of use

  1. You could create a question pool for each of the central topics in the course.
    • Weekly tests (quizzes) could use questions from one topic pools.
    • The final exam could consist of questions from all topic pools.
  2. You could create a pool for a particular test.
    • You could use a Random Block to drawn some of the questions from the specific pool (i.e. 15 question out of 30). Each student is randomly allocated questions from the pool each time the test is taken.

Student A and B with questions and a speech bubble indicating questions have come from a pool of 20 questions

  1. You could create a pool for each question in an exam.
    • You could use a Random Block for each question to draw out one question from the question pool.

Student A and B with questions and speech bubbles with different Pool names and the number of questions pulled from each pool

Questions in a pool

  1. Questions in a pool can contain feedback, metadata and all the other elements of a test question.
  2. They do not contain point values. The point value will default to 10 when you add the question to a test, you can then edit the points value.

Pool restrictions

  1. A Random Block of questions cannot be added to a pool.
  2. A Question Set cannot be added to a pool.

Pool questions in deployed tests

  1. Once students have started to take the test, do not make more than minor text changes (such as correcting a typing error) to the pool questions that have been deployed in the test . A warning will display if you attempt this, and you will not be able to modify certain areas of the questions.
  2. If you edit a pool question after a student submits a test containing it, when the student views their grade and feedback they will see the new, modified question, not the original one that they answered.