The following are recommended settings for online professional development courses.

Recommended Browser: It is recommended both staff and students use Chrome (the most recent version).

Setting Recommendation Comments


Optional Allows you to give information to the participants before they open the test. This description is visible while the participants take the test and should be kept short as otherwise it will cause extra scrolling.
Open Test in New Window No Extra windows can make navigation confusing for participants.
Make the Link Available


Use the Display After setting to set when participants can start accessing the test.
Add a New Announcement for this Test No  
Multiple Attempts ON

Allow Unlimited Attempts

Participants should be able to complete the test until they achieve the 80% pass mark.
Force completion Off This ensures that students will be able to re-enter the same test attempt if they lose their Internet connection or browse away from the page.
Set timer Off  
Display After & Until Optional Use these options to limit when the test is available.



Test Availability Exceptions No  
Due Date Off  
Self Assessment Options Include this Test in Grade Centre Score Calculations: ON If you check the Hide results for this test completely from the instructor and the Grade Centre checkbox, you will not be able to check who has attempted the test.
Test Feedback

(rule 1)

After Submission
Score: On
All Anwers: Off
Correct: Off
Submitted: Off
Feedback: Off
Show Incorrect Questions: Off

This makes it more difficult for participants to determine answers by repeatedly taking the test and eliminating the incorrect answers. i.e. It encourages participants to engage with the learning materials.
Presentation Mode One at a time This makes it more difficult for participants to take screenshots on the questions in the test.
Randomise Questions Yes