The settings below are recommended for summative campus-based invigilated tests. i.e. Usually exams supervised in a Computer lab.  

Note: Your test settings may need to differ depending on your context and/or the learning outcomes for the test.

Recommended Browser: It is recommended both staff and students use Chrome (a recent version).

Setting Recommendation Comments
Description Optional Instructions can be given verbally or written on the whiteboard. This description is visible while the students take the test and should be kept short as otherwise it will cause extra scrolling.
Open Test in New Window NO This opens a new window and can make navigation confusing for students. YES, has the advantage of allowing students to access other resources on the site.
Make the Link Available YES         Use the Display After setting to set WHEN students can access the test.
Add a New Announcement for this Test NO The automatic announcement is not very informative; it is recommended you write your own.
Multiple Attempts OFF Students will still be able to re-enter the test (if Force completion is OFF) if they lose their Internet connection. Students should be directed to inform the supervisor if they have a problem with the test attempt (Refer Troubleshooting Tests Guide)
Force completion OFF This ensures that students will be able to re-enter the test if they lose their Internet connection or browse away from the page.
Set timer

Timer ON;

Auto Submission OFF

An elapsed time clock will be visible to students during the exam. Students should be given a verbal warning can the exam time is almost up. Students should be verbally told to submit and should not be allowed to leave the exam room until their submission has been checked.
Display After & Until ON Use these options to limit when the test link is available.
Password ON The password should be entered by the exam supervisor. This ensure the student who completes the exam is in the exam room (it is possible to log into Blackboard twice and someone out the exam room to complete the test)
Test Availability Exceptions OPTIONAL

Can be used to give individual student or groups of groups :

  • Extra time (students with a disability)
  • Different text availability (i.e. students who are not competing the test at the same time as the rest of the students.)
Due Date ON The date the test was completed / due is shown to students in My Grades.
Self Assessment Options Include this Test in Grade Centre Score Calculations ON The marks will be automatically recorded in Grade Centre.

Test Feedback

(rule 1)

On Submission
Score OFF
All Answers, OFF
Correct, OFF
Submitted, ON
Feedback, OFF
Show Incorrect Questions, OFF

Note, only giving information on what answers were submitted, when the the test is submitted gives you the opportunity to edit the marking if there is a problem with a question.


Test Feedback

(rule 2)

On Specific Date
Score ON

All Answers, ON
Correct, ON
Submitted, ON
Feedback, ON
Show Incorrect Questions, ON
Note, do not give student an opportunity to copy the questions if you want to reuse them i.e. only turn the Score ON.
Presentation Mode One at a Time ON;
Prohibit Backtracking OFF
This option and randomising the questions makes it more difficult for students to cheat by looking at a neighbour’s screen. Prohibiting backtracking is not recommended as it will cause the student to be thrown out of the exam if they use the browser back button.
Randomise Questions YES Changes the order of the questions, which means that students will likely be working on different questions as they progress. This is useful to help prevent cheating by looking at a neighbour’s screen.

Thank you to Ms Lauren Hives, eLearning Applications Administrator, Bond University for permission to use their Online Exam Supervisor’s Manual.