The following are recommended settings for tests that are for feedback purposes only, usually worth no marks, revision or low percentage weighting for the semester i.e. Weekly quizzes

Note: Your test settings may need to differ depending on your context and/or the learning outcomes for the test.

Recommended Browser: It is recommended both staff and students use Chrome (the most recent version).

Setting Recommendation Reasons


Optional Allows you to give information to the students before they open the test. This description is visible while the students take the test and should be kept short as otherwise it will cause extra scrolling.
Open Test in New Window Yes Provides students with the whole screen width to view questions and allows students to easily access Blackboard course content. 
Make the Link Available


Use the Display After setting to set when students can access the test.
Add a New Announcement for this Test No The automatic announcement is not very informative; it is recommended you write your own.
Multiple Attempts On

Number of Attempts: 2

Allow Unlimited Attempts: For tests worth no marks.

Number of Attempts, 2: This will give the student the opportunity to redo the test is there is any problem with their first attempt e.g. submitted accidentally.

Number of Attempts, X: Set the number of attempts based on learning outcomes.

Force completion Off This ensures that students will be able to re-enter the test if they lose their Internet connection or browse away from the page.
Set timer Off  
Display After & Until Optional Use these options to limit when the test is available.



Test Availability Exceptions Optional Allows you to set different test availability for individual students or groups of students.
Due Date On The date the test was completed / due is shown to students in My Grades.
Self Assessment Options Include this Test in Grade Centre Score Calculations: On If you check the Hide results for this test completely from the instructor and the Grade Centre checkbox, you will not be able to check who has attempted the test.
Test Feedback After Submission
Score: On
All Anwers: On
Correct: On
Submitted: On
Feedback: On
Show Incorrect Questions: On
You may decide to initially give no feedback and change the feedback options after the test has closed.
Presentation Mode All at Once The easiest navigation option for students.
Randomise Questions Optional