Video Guide

Enter Marks by Questions (YouTube 1m 13s)

Access the test

You have the option for each of your test to grade a specific question at a time. This allows you to move from test to test, viewing and scoring the same question for each student.  

  1. Click on Grade Centre.
  2. Select Full Grade Centre.

Control panel with grade centre and full grade centre circled

  1. Go to the column of the required test.
  2. Click on the drop-down arrow.
  3. Click on the Grade Questions button.

Grade centre with the down arrow circled next to the test column and grade questions circled in the drop down menu


  1. Optionally, select Needs Grading from the Filter Questions by Status drop-down and click on the Go button.

Filter questions by status drop down box with needs grading circled in the drop down box

  1. For each question, click on the Responses column.

Needs grading question list with the responses column circled

  1. Click the Expand Question Info link next to Question Information to view the question.
  2. Click on the Edit button to score the required student.

Question information double down arrow circled and the edit button circled next to a student attempt

  1. Put in the required grade and Response Feedback.
  2. Click on the Submit button.

Student attempt with score text box circled as well as the response feedback and submit button.

Student attempt marked and showing the response feedback