Learn.UQ Basics Online Workshop

8. Course Staff

Course Staff Overview

For more information, refer to the Learn.UQ Course Site Design guide.

Add Course Staff

The Contacts area allows you to add profiles for your teaching staff with information about individual contact details, consultation times and reasons students should contact them. Additional information can be included, such as instructing students to use the discussion board for general questions.

Optionally, you can create a "Tutors / Guest Lecturers" folder if your course has a large number of staff to group profiles together.

For more information, refer to the Add or Edit a Contacts Area guide.

Task to complete

Add your profile to the Course Staff page

  1. From the Course Menu, select Course Staff.
  2. Click on the Create Contact button.
  3. Enter your title, first name, last name, email and work phone in the appropriate textboxes.
  4. Enter your office hours and office location in the appropriate textboxes.
  5. Enter the reasons a student might contact you in the Notes textbox.
  6. For Make the Profile Available, select Yes.
  7. Optionally, attach an image of yourself that is square (i.e. 150 x 150 pixels).
  8. Optionally, enter a link to your UQ Researchers profile in the Personal Link textbox.
  9. Click on the Submit button.


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