Learn.UQ Basics Online Workshop

21. Review and Submit

Task to complete


Before submitting, go back through your Learn.UQ Basics staging course and ensure you have completed the following tasks:

Have you:

  • made your course available and turned on Edit Mode?
  • enrolled studious_student1 as a Grader in the course?
  • added a Media Gallery link in the Course Menu?
  • created and applied a custom banner?

Within Announcements, have you:

  • edited the template welcome announcement?
  • created a new welcome announcement?

Within Course Staff, have you:

  • added your profile?

Within Course Help, have you:

  • added a link to the UQ Student Support Referral Chart
  • added information about supplementary assessment

Within Learning Resources, have you:

  • created a Week 3 - Saturn folder?
  • added a file link to the Saturn.pdf?
  • created a Weekly Planet Fact item?
  • inserted the Saturn rings.jpg image?
    • added a web link to https://www.nasa.gov/saturn?
    • added a course link to the Planet Research Assignment folder? 
    • created an item called An Introduction to Saturn including:
      • a file link to the Saturn 2.pdf file using the text editor?
      • a web link to https://www.nasa.gov/saturn using the text editor?
      • the Saturn.jpg image using the text editor?
    • embeded the Saturn Documentary YouTube video?
    • embeded the Saturn Animation Kaltura video?

    Within Assessment, have you:

    • added a task description for the Planet Quiz?
    • added a link to the study success student resource?

    Within Discussion Board, have you:

    • created an Assessment Questions forum?
    • created a Planet Research Assignment Q&A thread?
    • contributed to the Planet Research Assignment Q&A thread in Student Preview mode?


    Upon completion, send an email to elearningadvisors@uq.edu.au. Each task will be checked by an eLearning Advisor and you will be provided with feedback if any tasks require re-submission. Once you have successfully completed the online workshop, course completion will be recorded through Staff Development.