Learn.UQ Basics Online Workshop

6. Course Banner

Create and add a banner

Banners can be used to personalise courses and they allow students to quickly identify which course they are in. When you order a new SI-net course there will be a placeholder banner image which will need to be replaced.

For more information, refer to the Create a Banner and Add a Banner guides.

Task to complete

Create a banner

  1. From the Course Menu, select Tips for Staff.
  2. Click on the Create a Banner button.
  3. Enter "TECH1010" into the Course code textbox.
  4. Enter "Technology Enhanced Learning" into the Title textbox.
  5. Choose an image related to technology from the online database.
  6. Click on the image to apply it to the banner.
  7. Click on the Download banner button and save the image on your computer. 

Add a banner

  1. Navigate back to your Staging course.
  2. From the Control Panel, select Customisation > Teaching Style.
  3. Check the Delete this banner checkbox to override the existing placeholder banner.
  4. Located next to New Banner Image, click on the Browse My Computer button. 
  5. Select the banner you just downloaded on your computer.
  6. Enter "TECH1010 banner" in the Banner ALT Text textbox.
  7. Click on the Submit button.


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