Learn.UQ Basics Online Workshop

3. Workshop Overview

This course is an introduction to Learn.UQ and will familiarise participants with the commonly-used functions. Participants will learn how to add course materials, upload videos, manage course files, add announcements, manage users and follow UQ's Course Site Design guidelines. 

Participants will also develop an understanding of the eLearning tools available at UQ and how they can be used to support teaching and learning. The following tools are available in Learn.UQ: 

  • Announcements can be used to welcome students and notify them about course events, changes, corrections or assignment due dates.
  • Blackboard assignments are a type of assessment where students can upload their assignments for downloading and marking by instructors. Assignments can be assigned to each student individually or as collaborative work for groups of students.
  • Blogs can be used to log student progress throughout a particular task/project.
  • Discussion boards are a communication tool where instructors can create forums and threads for discussion of course related topics.
  • Groups of students can be created by the instructor inside a course. Each group has access to the following tools: Blog, Discussion Board, Email, Journals, Tasks and Wikis.
  • Journals can be used for individual students and are only accessible by the instructor and the individual student.
  • Lecture recordings can be viewed by students at a convenient time and capture audio, presentations and any other screens recorded.
  • Turnitin assignments are a type of assessment with text-matching capabilities where students can upload their assignments for downloading and online marking by instructors using comment banks. 
  • Quizzes, Tests & Exams enable you to check the knowledge or skill levels of your students. Tests differ from Surveys in that you add a point value to each question, and the results are recorded in the Grade Centre.
  • Wikis allows instructors and groups to collaborate on content development and projects.

Change YouTube video quality

If you need to change the quality of the embedded YouTube videos throughout the workshop, refer to the Change the quality of your video guide for step-by-step instructions.