The Microsoft Teams Teaching and Learning pilot will investigate the use of Teams to facilitate teaching and learning in UQ courses.
Legacy Lecture Recording System Decommission
September, 2018February, 2019
eLearning Website Migration
September, 2017April, 2018
ePortfolio Upgrade August 2018
August, 2018December, 2018
Lecture Capture Review 2018
January, 2018August, 2018
Kaltura RAPT Evaluation
December, 2018May, 2019
Corporate Training Platform
January, 2018November, 2018
Learn.UQ (Blackboard) Upgrade - July 2019
January, 2019July, 2019
Blackboard (Learn.UQ) upgrade
February, 2018August, 2018
Echo360 ALP Deployment
January, 2019December, 2020
Active Learning Tools Deployment
January, 2017January, 2020
edX (Edge) Support
July, 2018December, 2019
ePortfolio Upgrade April 2019
March, 2019July, 2019
January, 2014December, 2019