What is the ePortfolio review?

10/01/2020 Update: The ePortfolio survey is complete and results will be presented to the ePortfolio working party on Wednesday 29 January. Overall, 91 course coordinators were contacted to account for 177 courses where ePortfolio is, or was being used. The survey received a 65% response rate.

A number of face to face consultations were held prior to the summer break, and will resume when the eLearning Program Manager position is filled.  


ePortfolio was deployed at UQ for the first time in Semester 1, 2016.  The current solution was selected to meet specific requirements identified throughout 2015, across the participating Faculties.  In that time our understanding of and requirements for ePortfolio functionality have evolved. eLearning Systems and Support (ITaLI) are conducting a review into the current state of the ePortfolio at UQ with the following key objectives

  • Identify gaps in functionality;
  • Identify successful and unsuccessful models of use;
  • Assess overall satisfaction with the solution in place;
  • Develop a broad understanding of the reasons why some courses have continued to use the ePortfolio solution, and some have discontinued - identify common themes, functions etc;
  • Review the on boarding and support processes.

How was the review initiated?

The review was initiated at the request the Deputy Director of Digital Learning in response to requests for updated requirements analysis.

What is the intended outcome of the review?

The review aims to evaluate the overall suitability of the existing system to meet the majority use cases across the University.  In cases where the system currently does not meet those use cases, the review will propose a solution: whether that is business process redesign, or development, augmentation or replacement of the existing system.

What is happening?

eLearning Systems and Support (ITaLI) will work with the ePortfolio Learning designer and other professional and academic staff as required to create, send and analyse a survey of all courses/programs who have interacted with the ePortfolio since its introduction.

This will be followed up with face to face consultations with that same group for detailed requirements analysis. Gap analysis between existing functionality and desired functionality will be performed, and integration requirements, if relevant, will be identified and documented.  A final report will be presented to the ePortfolio Working Party.

Working Party

Information regarding membership of the ePortfolio Working Party can be requested from Jennifer Morahan