From Monday 10 July 2023, the UQ Information Technology Services (ITS) team is changing Zoom settings to automatically remove all Zoom recordings older than 365 days from the Cloud as UQ has reached its storage limit within the Zoom platform. 

Zoom recordings for teaching purposes 

Since Semester 1, 2022 most teaching staff will have had their Zoom recordings automatically published to Echo360 and need not take action. 

Action is required where a direct link was created in Blackboard to a Zoom cloud recording (typically for recordings before Semester 1, 2022).  

Where a direct link was used staff can either: 

Where the Zoom cloud recording was automatically transferred to Echo360: 

Or where the Zoom cloud recording has not been automatically transferred to Echo360 

Teaching use of Zoom

For advice on which option is best for your needs, please book a consultation with an eLearning Adviser

For advice on using Echo360 recordings as part of a learning journey, please refer to the Learning Journeys guide. You can also follow the guide to set up publishing of your Zoom recordings with Echo360

Non-Teaching use of Zoom 

If you have Zoom recordings that are not for teaching purposes (for example staff meetings) that you wish to keep or share, you will need to download and save your recording. If you then need to share that recording with others, please do so using OneDrive.  

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