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9. Create Matching Question


Matching questions are useful in that students have to apply their knowledge and match up, for example, terms to definitions. It can also prevent students from answering by process of elimination The other benefit is that this question type can create incorrect answers to enable students to carefully select their answers.

Create a Matching Question

For more information, refer to the Matching guide.

For additional information, refer to the Add Personalised Feedback and Add Metadata to Questions video.

Task to complete

Example question

Match the city to the state.

Column 1: Column 2:
Townsville a. WA
Melbourne b. NSW
Cairns c. NT
Sydney d. QLD
Charters Towers e. VIC


Create an Matching Question 

  1. In your Learn.UQ course, from the Control Panel, select Course Tools > Tests, Surveys and Pools > Pools.
  2. Click on the drop-down arrow next to Test Pool [your full name] then select Edit.
  3. In your Pool, click on Create Question > Matching.
  4. Enter "Match the city to the state." in the Question Text textbox.
  5. Check the Allow Partial Credit checkbox.
  6. For Answer Numbering, select Lowercase letters from the drop-down list (be consistent across all questions).
  7. For Number of Answers, select from the drop-down list.

Create Matching Question Answers

  1. For Question/Answer Pair 1Question, enter "Townsville".
  2. For Question/Answer Pair 1Answer, enter "QLD".
  3. For Question/Answer Pair 2Question, enter "Melbourne".
  4. For Question/Answer Pair 2Answer, enter "VIC".
  5. For Question/Answer Pair 3Question, enter "Cairns".
  6. For Question/Answer Pair 3Answer, check the Reuse answer choice from checkbox then select Question/Pair 1 from the drop-down list.

NoteReuse answer choice from must be selected for repeated answers as it will be marked correctly when a student selects it instead of creating two identical answers that could lead to a technical error if matched separately.

list of question/answer pair with the word (reuse) selected

  1. For Question/Answer Pair 4Question, enter "Sydney".
  2. For Question/Answer Pair 4Answer, enter "NSW".
  3. For Question/Answer Pair 5Question, enter "Charters Towers".
  4. For Question/Answer Pair 5Answer, check the Reuse answer choice from checkbox then select Question/Pair 1 from the drop-down list.

Add Partial Credit Credit to Answers

  1. At the end of every Question/Answer Pair, enter "20" in the Partial Credit % textbox.

Create Unmatched Answer Choices

  1. Check the Add unmatched answer choices checkbox then select 2 from the drop-down list.
  2. Unmatched Answer Choice 1, enter "WA".
  3. Unmatched Answer Choice 2, enter "NT".

Finalising Matching Question

  1. Select the Randomly radio button for the setting Answer Order.
  2. Click on the Submit button.