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17. Deploy Test


Tests enable you to check the knowledge or skill levels of your students and can be used for both formative (Test student understanding, ensure lecture content is complete) and summative assessment (post module/topic test, mid and end of semester exams).

Note: Different settings are recommended for different types of tests. Refer to the guides Formative Test (quiz), Non-invigilated Summative Test (exam) and Invigilated Summative Test (exam) for more information.

The steps to create a test are:

  1. Create questions in the pool (questions can be reused in multiple assessments)
  2. Create test canvas and add questions to the test 
  3. Deploy the test (the step you are currently at)

steps to create test, 1. create question pools, 2. create the test (with adding questions step) and 3. deploy the test

Deploy Tests

For more information, refer to the Deploy a Test guide.

Tasks to complete

Deploy Test

    1. In your Learn.UQ (Blackboard) course site, from the Course Menu, select Assessment.
    2. Click on Assessments > Test.
    3. Select "Test Quiz [your full name]" from the Add an Existing Test list.
    4. Click on the Submit button.

    Configure Test Options

    1. Enter "Test Quiz [your full name]" in the Name textbox.
    2. Enter "This quiz covers materials from Week 1 - 5" in the Content Link Description textfield to give students information before beginning the test. 
    3. Select the Yes radio button for the setting Make the link available.
    4. Select the No radio button for the setting Add a new announcement for this test.
    5. Leave the Mulitple Attempts checkbox unchecked for students to complete the test in one attempt.
    6. Leave the Force Completion checkbox unchecked.
    7. Check the Set Timer checkbox.
    8. Enter "90" in the Minutes textbox.
    9. Select the ON radio button for the setting Auto-Submit.
    10. Select the Display After checkbox and enter today's date using the Date Selection Calendar and enter the time using the Time Selection Menu.
    11. Select the Display Until checkbox and enter the date fourteen days from today's date using the Date Selection Calendar and enter the time as 2:00pm using the Time Selection Menu.
    12. Select the Due Date checkbox and enter the date fourteen days from today's date using the Date Selection Calendar and enter the time as 2:00pm using the Time Selection Menu.
    13. In the Self-assessment Options section, check the Include this Test in Grade Centre score calculations checkbox.
    14. In the Show Test Results and Feedback to Students section, select After Due Date from the When drop-down list.
    15. Check the Score per Question checkbox.
    16. In the Answers section, check the All AnswersCorrect and Submitted checkboxes.
    17. Check the Feedback and Show Incorrect Questions checkboxes.
    18. In the Test Presentation section, select the One at a Time radio button.
    19. Leave the Prohibit Backtracking checkbox unchecked.
    20. Check the Randomize Questions checkbox.
    21. Click on the Submit button.


    This quiz was created using H5P.