Create a Zoom Meeting Area

  1. Navigate to desired location within your Learn.UQ course site where you wish to place the Zoom Meeting Area.
  2. Hover over Tools > More Tools and select Zoom from the drop-down menu.

Zoom selected from the more tools menu

  1. Enter a Link Name (e.g. Online Tutorials).

 Zoom with Link name textbox circled.

  1. Add a description in the Text textbox outlining what Zoom will be used for (i.e. Click on the above link to access the Online Tutorials via Zoom). 

Description textbox circled

  1. Click on the Submit button.

Settings unchanged with the Submit button circled

  1. Click and drag the Zoom Meeting Area link directly below the Lecture Recordings link in the Learning Resources folder.

online tutorials link under lecture recordings

Video Walkthrough

Create Zoom Meeting Area

Schedule a Zoom Meeting

    1. Click on the Zoom Meeting Area link in your Learn.UQ course.

    Zoom meeting area link

    1. Zoom will launch automatically within Learn.UQ.

    Access Zoom meeting area

    1. Click on the Schedule a New Meeting button to schedule a single or recurring Zoom meeting within your Learn.UQ Course.

    Note: Any meetings scheduled through the Zoom Meeting Area will have a unique ID based on your course. 

    schedule new meeting button

    1. Enter a title in the Topic textbox (i.e. Weekly Online Tutorials).
    2. Select a time and date for the meeting. 
    3. Select a duration for the meeting.

    meeting settings

    1. Optionally, select the Reccurring meeting checkbox and the appropriate settings.

    reoccurring meeting

    1. Select the off radio button for both  Host and Participant video to ensure all webcams are off when the meeting begins.
    2. Select Both in the audio options to allow students to join via both telephone and computer audio.

    meeting settings

    1. Check the Enable join before host checkbox to allow students to enter the meeting prior to the host.
    2. Check the Mute participants upon entry checkbox to ensure students' microphones are off when they join the meeting.
    3. Optionally, check the Record the meeting automatically checkbox and select In the cloud to automatically record the meeting. 
    4. Click on the Save button.

    meeting settings and save

    1. The meetings will then be scheduled and can be access through the Zoom meeting link in your Learn.UQ course.

    Note: Students will only be able to view any Zoom meetings you create within your Learn.UQ course using this method. Any other meetings scheduled separately through the Zoom application or web interface will not appear in this list for students. 

    weekly meetings