Your browswer may block third party cookies by default which can cause issues such as accessing your Lecture_Recordings link. You will get the below message asking for your email address to log in which is not a supported login method. 

echo login page

Enable third party cookies using a Chrome Browser 

  • Open your Chrome Browser.
  • Click on the Customise and control Google Chrome button. 
  • Click on the Settings link. 

click on setting link

  • Scroll down and click on the Advanced link.  
  • Select the Content settings link.

click on advanced and content settings

  • Click on the Cookies link. 

  • Under Block third-party cookies ensure the selector bar is not enabled (bar is grey). 


Enable third party cookies using a Firefox Browser 

  • Open your Firefox Browser.
  • Click on the Open menu button. 
  • Select the Options button. 

click on Options

  • Click on the Privacy & Security link. 
  • Under History make sure Use custom settings for history is selected from the drop down. 
  • Click on the radio button to  Accept cookies from websites
  • Under Accept third-party cookies select Always from the drop down. 

privacy and security

Enable third party cookies using a Safari Browser

  • Open Safari. 

open safari

  • Click on the Preferences from the drop down. 

click on preferences

  • Click on Privacy link. 
  • Ensure the Block all cookies checkbox is not selected. 
  • Ensure Prevent cross-site tracking is unticked.