Echo360 Personal Capture Decommission

July 2019January 2020

What is happening?

The desktop recording system, Echo360 Personal Capture, will be decommissioned by the vendor on 15 January 2020 and the replacement system, Echo360 Universal Capture, is now available.

Why is Echo360 Personal Capture being decommissioned?

The decision to decommission Echo360 Personal Capture was made by the vendor. For more information, please refer to the Echo360 Personal Capture - Overview webpage by Echo360.

What support is available for desktop recording?

There are four desktop recording options available to staff: Kaltura Capture, Zoom, PowerPoint and Universal Capture. For more information, refer to the Desktop Recording Options Comparison guide.

Instructional guides are available for Kaltura Capture, Universal Capture and Zoom. eLearning technical support is provided for Kaltura Capture and Universal Capture, while Zoom and PowerPoint are supported by ITS. The ITaLI eLearning team also delivers a Kaltura Capture workshop and offers individual consultations for Kaltura Capture at your office with an eLearning Educational Advisor through the eLearning Solutions Service.

Will I still be able to use Echo360 Personal Capture?

You will still be able to use Echo360 Personal Capture until 15 January 2020, however you will be unable to download the program after 30 August 2019.

How will the decommission be communicated? 

  • 2 July 2019: This project page has been created to inform staff about the decommission of Echo360 Personal Capture. Links to this webpage will be included in all communications.
    • 22 July 2019: A notice was placed in Learn.UQ Spotlight to notify staff and students about decommission and last date to download the software.
    • 22 July 2019: Learning Design Community notified via email about Echo360 Personal Capture decommission.
    • 29 July 2019: A report regarding the decommission of Echo360 Personal Capture will be sent to the Teaching and Learning Committee.
    • Regular eLearning Update articles regarding the decommission were featured in the following newsletters:

    Planned Communications

    • Regular eLearning Update articles regarding the decommission are planned for the following newsletters:
      • 26 August 2019
      • 16 September 2019
      • 21 October 2019
      • 18 November 2019
      • 16 December 2019
      • 2 January 2020