Progressing Assessment at UQ and new exam resources

10 May 2021

Assessment and exams

Progressing Assessment at UQ: A Background Paper

Pre-COVID-19 assessment practices at UQ included a suite of in-person assessment. Over the last five years, online submission and marking of assessment has increased dramatically. Further, the University invested in digital systems such as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), ePortfolios and eAssessment to support more authentic and secure digital assessment. The rapid shift to online delivery in response to the COVID-19 pandemic added a range of complexities to this situation. The purpose of this short Progressing Assessment at UQ: A Background Paper is to:

  1. Summarise the pre-COVID-19 assessment context at UQ;
  2. Outline assessment practices during COVID-19;
  3. Stimulate our thinking into new ways of looking at our assessment practices considering increasing demands for relevance, flexibility, and trustworthiness; and
  4. Inform the development of an action plan for assessment at UQ.

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New exam video guides

New exam video guides have been created to support staff in setting up Learn.UQ exams for Semester 1, 2021.

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Student exam resources

Course coordinators are encouraged to share instructional exam guides with their students. Exam guides will provide information on the process for completing a final, deferred or supplementary Learn.UQ exam based on the exam technology listed in the exam information. Slides are also available on exam timing, tips and technology processes for course coordinators to use in exam information session with students.

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Generate past exam papers for Library

Use the Printer Bookmarklet to save Blackboard Test exams as a PDF for proofreading purposes or to provide a past exam paper to the library.

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Using a video assessment in your course

Kaltura media makes video assignments easy for both staff and students. This short video will guide students through the process of uploading their video to My Media and submitting the assignment. 

submit a video assignment

Academic Integrity Modules (AIM) – request students complete Part B

Course coordinators are advised to encourage students to complete Part B of the Academic Integrity Modules (AIM) by Saturday 29 May. See the Course Insights  Academic Integrity Modules guide for instructions to check whether students have completed Part B.

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Turnitin upgrade for Semester 2

An updated Turnitin will be available by the end of June for next semester's courses. To prepare for the transition, the existing Turnitin tool has been temporarily disabled in Semester 2, 2021 courses. Learn more about the Turnitin upgrade project >>

Transform your course into an active, social and personalised experience

RiPPLE is a UQ developed and supported educational tool that leverages learning science and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to transform learning into an immersive experience. RiPPLE is already used across more than 50 courses.

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Course Insights – prepare for student consultations

Course Insights is UQ's own course-level learning analytics dashboard, available to all course coordinators via Learn.UQ. The Student section allows staff to view engagement and assessment information about an individual student alongside cohort data.

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Working with Data - Digital Essentials module 

The Working with Data module introduces students to data sources, cleaning data, data analysis and presenting data. It is designed to be embedded into courses so students can find the information they need, when they need it.

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What's on

Introduction to entrepreneurial education

This introductory workshop is coming up on Thursday 13 May, 10am–12pm. It is part of a series introducing the principles of entrepreneurial education, notions of value creation and the implications for pedagogy and curriculum. Participants will develop an understanding of entrepreneurial education and learn how to recognise opportunities for entrepreneurial learning within disciplines.

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What's working in a new environment?

As the University shifts to new ways of teaching and learning, what different pedagogies and assessment practices are emerging? This What's working session (Thursday 13 May, 3–4pm) will provide an opportunity for collegial, interdisciplinary conversations that offer 'just in time' insights for busy academics and professional staff.

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Ready to Teach Week Semester 2, 2021

Expressions of interest (EOIs) are open for staff interested in attending or helping shape the next Ready to Teach Week (28 June – 2 July 2021). Join ITaLI for a week of online and in-person activities dedicated to developing and preparing course materials.

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eLearning support

For technical support with central eLearning tools, email eLearning support.

eLearning advisors

For tailored advice by qualified teachers on using eLearning tools, including how to select and configure learning technologies, Book a Zoom consultation with an eLearning advisor.


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