Zoom update and exam resources

19 May 2020

eLearning Systems and Tools

Mandatory Zoom update required by 30 May

From 30 May 2020, all staff and students must use Zoom version 5.0 or above as part of a mandatory upgrade. After 30 May, you will not be able to host or join a meeting or teaching session if you are not using version 5.0 or above. 

This new version of Zoom provides enhanced security as well as additional features including the ability to: 

  • report a user who is potentially misusing the platform
  • 'enable waiting room' – hosts may now turn this on whilst their meeting is already in progress
  • lock a meeting when all participants have arrived
  • remove participants.

Configure Zoom to publish automatically to Echo360

Zoom is now configured to automatically upload recordings to your personal Echo360 media library. Coordinators can edit both the recording and the transcript from within Echo360 and then publish to their course. Students will get access to time-synced notes and discussion, bookmarks, and automatically generated transcripts. Refer to the Publishing a Zoom recording to Echo360 guide.

Preparing for online exams

We have added instructional videos on how to add student adjustments for school-based exams. For more information, refer to the Blackboard Test - Non-invigilated Exams and Document Upload - Non-invigilated Exams guides. Book an appointment with an eLearning Advisor if you need support selecting and configuring technologies for online exams.

New Echo360 Transcript Editor

To support students impacted by COVID-19, the University decided to enable machine-generated transcripts for Echo360 lecture recordings. Echo now includes transcript editor allowing staff to edit transcripts directly through Echo360 instead of downloading the file in order to make changes. For step-by-step instructions, refer to the Edit an Echo360 video transcript guide.

eLearning tip: How do students submit a video assignment? 

Kaltura media makes video assignments easy for both staff and students. This short video (YouTube 2m 49s) guides students through the process of uploading their video to My Media and submitting the assignment.

Refer to step-by-step instructions on how students submit their video assignments using Kaltura media.

submit video assignment

Removing blank recordings from courses

To reduce unnecessary blank recordings in courses, please advise your School Timetabling Coordinator if your scheduled on-campus recordings can be ceased. School Timetabling Coordinators have received a list of scheduled activities from Timetable Services.

Grades security: check the history of mark changes

Grade Centre history records all changes made to marks during the semester. At the end of the semester, you can use the View Grades History tool to produce a report that shows all changes and comments, to confirm validity and check for errors. For step-by-step instructions refer to guides on Grades securityEdit a mark and record a reason and View Grade History report.

Course Insights

Course Insights, UQ's own course-level learning analytics dashboard is now available to all course coordinators via Learn.UQ. The Student section allows staff to view engagement and assessment information about an individual student alongside cohort data.

Would you like to have your say for further development of Course Insights? Get involved with dashboard enhancements by attending a Course Insights co-design workshop:

Online teaching and assessment

Preparing for Semester 2 delivery

ITaLI and UQ2U have developed expanded support services to help academics prepare themselves and their courses for Sem 2 delivery. If you need help with specific issues, or if you would like to use the COVID-19 disruption as an opportunity to review your course, we are here to help!

Contact us and one of our learning designers will reach out to better understand your course needs and connect you to the right support.

For more information, download ITaLI T&L support services (PDF)UQ2U Sem 2 options (PDF) and visit the COVID-19 Teaching Guidance website.

Virtual and Augmented Reality survey

Are you using or researching Virtual or Augmented Reality at UQ? The Faculty of Business, Economics and Law wants to find out more on what’s currently being used across teaching, learning, research and student recruitment. 

Complete the survey

Feature resource

Resource for students – Working with Data module

The Working with Data module introduces students to data sources, cleaning data, data analysis and presenting data. It is designed to be embedded into courses so students can find the information they need; when they need it. For more information, please refer to the Digital Essentials web page.

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