If a course wiki is assessable, you can assign marks to individual students collaborating on a wiki. The mark assigned to a student is for that student only.

    1. In the Course Menu, click on Wikis.
    2. Click on the required Wiki

    click on the wiki link

    1. Click on the Participation and Grading button.

    participating and grading button selected

    1. Click on the required student's name.

    click on the students name

    1. Enter the mark in the Grade textbox.
    2. Enter student feedback in the Feedback to Learner textbox.
    3. Optionally, click on Add Notes to enter information.

    Note: This is not viewable by students.

    1. Optionally, click on the Spellcheck button to check for misspellings.
    2. Optionally, click on the Text Editor button to open the feedback section in the Text Editor. For more information, refer to the Overview of Text Editor Tools guide.
    3. Click on the Submit button.

    grade textbox, feedback to learner textbox and add notes selected, spellcheck and text editor selected, submit button selected

    Next student

    1. To continue to grade the next student, click on the expand button OR use the right and left navigation buttons to navigate to the next student.

    2. Repeat the steps in the previous section.

    navigate to the next student