1. In the Control Panel, click on Grade Centre then Full Grade Centre.

click on full grade centre

  1. Hover on the required cell and click on the arrow button.
  2. Select View Grade Details from the drop down list.

Enter marks and feedback

  1. Enter the student’s mark in the Current Grade Value textbox.
  2. Optionally, enter feedback on the student’s assignment in the Feedback to User textbox. 

feedback to users

Attach documents

  1. Click on the document icon.
  2. Click on the Browse My Computer button to upload files.
  3. Select the required file.
  4. Click on the Submit button.

click on submit

Tip:  You can use this function to attach a feedback file or the student’s marked assignment file.
Note: There is no function to upload students’ marked assignment files in bulk.  They must be uploaded one by one using this method.

Grading Notes 

  1. If required, enter marking notes in the Grading Notes textbox. 
  2. Click the Save button.

click on the save button

Note: Grading notes can only be viewed by instructors and tutors.

Navigate to the next student

  1. Click the left right arrow buttons to navigate to the next student. OR
  2. Click on the Jump to button.
  3. Select the required student from the User drop down list.
  4. Click the Go button. 

click on the go button