Course and group members can edit a wiki page, unless you have disabled this function.  You might choose to disable editing when it is time to grade the wiki pages.

  1. Click on the Wiki link in the Course menu.
  2. Hover on the required wiki you wish to edit and click on the arrow button.
  3. Select Edit Properties from the drop down list.

click on edit properties

  1. Make the required changes.
  2. Click on the Submit button.

Student Access and Student Comment Access

To control student access to edit and/or comment on a wiki the student access and student comment access option can be changed to only allow students to view content. 
To make a wiki unavailable refer to guide Make a wiki unavailable for further information.

  1. Click the check box of the wiki you wish to change student access to.  
  2. Hover over the Student Access button and select Close to Editing from the drop-down menu. 

click on close to editing

Note: Selecting Closed to Editing does not allow students to contribute to a wiki page it only allows them to view pages. 

The list re-displays with the words ‘Closed to Editing’ in the Student Access column.

editing page

Note: To make student access available again, repeat this procedure by selecting the Open to Editing option.

Student Comment Access can be used to restrict students to make comments to a wiki page.  Repeat this procedure by selecting the Student Comment Access option.  

student comment access