Note: You can make a wiki unavailable without deleting it.  Deleting permanently removes all the pages in the wiki (including all comments on each page), and cannot be undone.  Refer to guide Make a wiki unavailable for further information.

  1. Click on the Wiki link in the Course menu.

  1. Click the check box of the wiki you wish to delete.    
  2. Click on the Delete button.

click on the delete button

  1. You will get a notification that all content in the wiki will be deleted click the OK button.

click on the ok button

  1. If the wiki is gradable you will be taken to the Delete Confirmation page requesting if you would like to delete the Grade Centre Column.
  2. Select the Grade Centre Column checkbox (this automatically selects the wiki you have deleted). 
  3. Click on the Remove button.

click on the remove button